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Cut Flowers Tips

When do you need a flower bouquet? Valentines'? Mother's day? Thanks-giving? Birthdays or anniversaries?

There are actually more occasions we would gift a bunch of flower! Friendships, graduates, dating, ceremonies, or simply gifts for respects.

If you tell someone who is given the flowers were grown by you, what do you think they would respond?

Flowers are symbols of love. Flowers generally make the best gifts! If you have plenty of flowers grown in your garden, share them with your beloveds! Or plan and plant - when will be the next occasion you will give a flower bonquet to someone?


There are many reasons and benefits to make cut flowers from your crops. Consider below:

 Save money from buying expensive bouquets from shops.

 Bring them home from your garden, colour your mood.

 Flowers make someone smile.

 Flowers bring people together.

 Develop artistic sense when you arrange them in vase.

 Some cut flowers can clear and freshen air indoor.


Below shows some best blooms to make cut flowers:

Rudbeckia Tithonia Verbena Bonariensis
 Sun Flower Gypsophila Calendula 
Zinnia Marigold Nasturitium
 Snapdragon Statice Sweet Pea 
 Cosmo China Aster Carnation 
Echinacea Strawflower Lavender 

These cut flowers generally have a vase life from few days to 2 weeks. Plan today, plant today.

Did you know there are some other plants which are not treated as flowers but they produce beautiful blooms? We do not normally grow them for the flowers however you may change your mind after knowing they appear so beautiful in a vase!

Thai Basil

A typical plant for ornamental garden with a strong licorice

scent. Bees attractor.


Small flowers come in white, pink or purple.

The Shiso leaves also act as good foliage for bouquets. 


Lovely purple and white pom-pom shaped blooms.

As elegant as many other popular flowers.


They add a fashionable and vivid visual to your arrangement.

Dill flower symbolizes happiness, wealth and passion.


Leave it unpicked for about 2 weeks, you will see the

marvellous purple blooms. Absolutely stunning.



Some plants may not produce flowers as attractive as some others but they are good companion for cut flowers. Have a look.


Rainbow Chard



Ornamental Kale





There is no right or wrong, arrange in vase or bunch them they ways you like. Be creative, you will enjoy it. Discover more!


Then how do we keep the cut flower fresh and what to take care? Below ideas aim to extend the flowers' vase lives.


1. Harvest when the flowers are just starting to open for best vase life.

2. Cut flowers stems on a 45-degree angle to enable the flowers absorb more water.

3. Use vase in appropriate sizes and make sure they are thoroughly clean, sterlize it if possible.

4. A clean glass vase allows you to see through and make sure the water and stem are good.

5. Change water in vase every 2 days, clean vase at the same time.

6. Remove dying flowers, to allow blooms still alive absorb water and nutrition from the stems.

7. Consider to use flower food for the cut flowers to grow healthily and alive longer. 

(Picture from, and self made flower food instructions at The Spruce)


8. Keep cut flowers away from fruits, as ethylene produced from fruits ripen the flowers.

9. Do not place cut flowers in direct sunlight. In the end of their life cycle, they prefer darker and cooler environment.

10. Recut stem about 2-3cm every 2-3 days, or when you change the water. Less than 2cm cut could preserve the length of the stem but bacteria and germs could develop from the very end of the stem.


Good luck! Hope you enjoy gardening and make your own flower bonquet! Give it to someone you like and they will love you more. Plan and plant, make it a habit!


* Above are basic guidelines only. 


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