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Seeds Tips

Below list tips and facts you should know before you decide to become a home gardener. We wish you will buy all the seeds from us but more importantly we want you to understand every possible aspects to plan properly.


Gardening is easy but requires very skillful and thorough attitude if you want to make it big. Gardening at home is even more challenging due to the below reasons:

Plants cannot probably acquire enough sunlight;

 Plants cannot probably have a large enough (or appropriate size) container for healthy growth;

 Plants cannot probably receive the required ingredients (water, fertilizers, etc.) at appropriate quantity on time as this is wholely managed by yourself.


Below are facts that you should consider (especially for beginners) before you decide to become a "home farmer":

 decide the area and location for your plants - such location should be able to provide enough sunlight (at least 3 hours per day suggested) and do not hazard by external factors;

 decide what do you want to plant - items for decorations, or items for your consumptions?

 decide how much time daily you can invest to manage your plants?


 Seeds are normally cheap but precious, it is one of the most important assets for human. There are large seeds banks in many countries in preparations against staving etc.

 Organic gardening could require intermediate skills and knowledge. It involves proper management on soil, fertilizers, planting materials, handling of organic organisms, etc, and some people even consider about the use of water! 

 Do not expect, always, your crops can easily reach the same sizes and tastes to those varieties you see in the market or eat in the restaurants. Even you have a very large garden you still need plenty of time and experiences to switch the seeds into strong plants. The varieties you see in supermarkets are grown by professional farmers for business purposes. 

 Do not be disappointed when you see your plants become dead or flowers or fruits never come out. It is a learning process in which your crops will be better and better with time.

 You will be more confidence, mature and well-organized when you started gardening as you're guided to perform that.

 Some varieties require plenty of sunlight but it doesn't mean it cannot grow at home - this would probably affect the growing rate but the plant still live in your home environment.



 It is the best habit for everyone and especially for children as it's a perfect educational activity to let them know about life, growth, learning, respect, etc.

 It does not cost much, it is a real cost effective habit.

 You don't spend time on it but invest. You investment will turn into beautiful flowers, tasty herbs and vegetable for your use in kitchen, the most important asset is the satisfaction you will acquire through the gardening processes.


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