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Carnation Lillipot Mix
Product Code : 1F071011CNY  
Product Origin : Japan  
Price : HK$ 40  
Special Price : HK$ 30  
Main Features :

Seeds per Pack: 15 seeds

Days to Germination: 7-14 days

Days to Maturity: 140-200 days

Sun: Full sun

Plant Height: 40-60cm

* above specifications are suggested under normal growth and have no environmental affection


Commonly grown for cut flowers. Very popular for garden bed as well.


Ideal germinate at 16oC ~ 22oC, so start from October. Cover seeds only by very light soil or just sow above. The stems are tough to support huge blooms (3 ~ 5cm diameter). Full sun is preferred.


Grow in winter, it grows perfectly well in cool temperatures, around 10oC ~ 15oC. Grow in temperature over 20oC could result in soft growth of branches.


At least 4 to 5 hours sun each day, well air circulation, can help with healthy growth. 


Love, fascination, good luck, usually to describe affection to mums.

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