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Are your seeds cheap?

Yes & No. There are thousands of seeds suppliers in the world in which some of them can supply particular speices at extremely low price, while some varieties are more expensive than the others; this is also true for us. However, we work very hard to source the best quality seeds at competitive prices to our customers.

How do you pack your seeds?

We usually pack our seeds in our own Yummyseeds bags but we would sometimes offer them in the original small packs that our Suppliers provided. We usually order the seeds in bulk and pack in small packets for selling as this is the only way to make our costs down and offer the same to our customers. This helps us to keep competitive and continue sourcing high quality seeds from over the world.

How would you claim your seeds origins?

The seeds packs you received will be labelled with it's origin (country) that matched with your order done on the website. Our conscience allows us selling only the right seeds to you - if it claims ORGANIC, it is ORGANIC; if it claims US origin, it is from the United States. All information and claims are shown on the invoice as well. Sometimes a Phytosantiary Certificate can be provided to support the claims, if the seeds are for particular usage.

How can I place an order?

We are a web-base company and require all orders in through our online shopping system in which payment is made throught Paypal. It is the safest gateway for online payment.

Do you have a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) required?

We do not have MOQ however if your order does not hit $150, an additional of $15 will be inccured for handling and delivery. 

How should I pay?

You can only pay throught Paypal. It is the safest online payment tool that all data and transactions are secured. No other method currently is better than Paypal in protecting you.

How do you deliver?

Normally we deliver by post but will also use local courier services depend on order sizes.

Where do you deliver?

Anywhere in Hong Kong SAR provided that you have a valid mailbox. Obviously we supply only to local addresses and do not accept any orders outside of Hong Kong SAR.

Why the plant I grew from your seed dosen't look like the one I know or I have eaten?

Seed or produce varieties from different countries or regions could be different. Imagine Kale from local, Holland, or Australia, they are different in appearance, size, as well as taste. As such the plant you grow from our seeds may be different to the one you saw or used. One thing for sure, tomato seeds we sell will definitely grow into tomatoes but not apples!

Do you sell plant?

No, we do not offer live plants.

How quickly you can send out my orders?

Normally upon we received your order and confirmed payment thorugh Paypal, stock will be despatched in 48 hours. However considering the possibilities of delay in confirming payment and delivery etc please allow a suggested total lead time of 7 days to have your order delivered. We will give advance notice if the orders are to be delayed.

Is there any difference in delivery time of seeds and towels orders?

No, there is no difference. Please refer to above regarding free delivery requirements and delivery time.

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