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Mimosa Pudica
Product Code : 1F011018CNY  
Product Origin : USA  
Price : HK$ 25  
Special Price : HK$ 10  
Main Features :

Seeds per Pack: 50 seeds

Days to Germination: 12-15 days

Sun: Sun / Part shade

Plant Height: 15-50cm

* above specifications are suggested under normal growth and have no environmental affection


It has other names Tickle Me Plant, Humble Plant, Touch-me-not. The leaves curl or close when touched. We did all curious about the reaction when we were child. Let's get this grown for your kids!


Cover seed lighlty and keep the soil moist.


It prefers fertile and well drained soil. Also it is proved to work better under full sun or a brighter location. 


Soak seeds in hot water for more than 12 hours can help quickly germination. 


Sensitivity, protection.

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