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Roma Tomato
Product Code : 1V011053CEY  
Product Origin : USA  
Price : HK$ 25  
Special Price : HK$ 20  
Main Features :

Seeds per Pack: 35 seeds

Days to Germination: 5-14 days

Days to Maturity: 75-85 days

Sun: Full sun

* above specifications are suggested under normal growth and have no environmental affection


Elongated egg-shaped tomatoes! Good yield. Roma Tomatoes are larger than cherry tomatoes with a normal size around 5-7cm long.


Prefer moist, fertile and well-drained soil. Offer trellis as they can reach to 1.5 metre or taller.


Sweet, meaty and firm flesh.


Normally used to produce tomato paste or ketchup, or sundried, sauteed, stewed, etc. Can be as snack as well but they are less juicy than some other tomato varieties.

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