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23 August 2021
When Organic meets Organic

In April 2021, we launched Bhumi Organic Towels. We aim to extend your experience on the non-GM seeds journeys from farm to shelves and come into our daily lives.

To review Bhumi information, please visit here.

On the other hand, our Organic Sprouting Seeds range has received great responses. We are reveiwing the Range and will keep bringing in new varieties to colour up your sprouting corner in your home!

What are Sprouting Seeds? They are beautiful and very nutritious! Broccoli Sprouts contains 50 times more sulforaphane than fresh broccoli, and easy to grow. Get them harvested in 7 days! Our Sprouting Seeds are Organic too!

Take a look at our Sprouts Tips to learn more.


Thank you to some of our suppliers who support us letting more people to know more on these products, we are glad to launch a cross promotion between the Bhumi Organic Towels and the Organic Sprouting Seeds. From now1, you will receive related gifts on any purchase of these products to particular quantity. Details as below:


What you need to do is to place your order as usual. By fulfilling above requirements your order will be sent with the related gifts. We will follow up with a separate email to confirm you will enjoy the benefits. We aim to have more people have a habit of home gardening with a chance to feel our softest Bhumi Organic Towels.


Please contact us if there is any question relate to the Promotion. Plant safe, bath safe, stay safe.



1. The Offer is effective from now until we are not supported by the Suppliers and will stop without prior notice. 

2. Free seeds are picked randomly from the Organic Sprouting Seeds Range.

3. Total purchase amount on ALL SEEDS items in a single order, before discount, if any.

4. Random towel colour. However if there is a preferred colour, please add remark before you confirm the order, or send us an email, we will try our best to fulfil. 

Should there be any disputes arise, Yummy Seeds reserves the right of final decision.


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