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31 March 20

From today, we track your every order, no matter big or small. 

"Not my fault"? "It's not my responsibility"? "I don't know"! These are not our answer! We're a web-base company and have limited manpower, but we try our every effort to make you get what you bought. We're not only to confirm we delivered, but YOU RECEIVED!

Every order you placed at Yummy Seeds, we will make sure it is packed and sent appropriately. Your orders will be trackable. We will stop asking only when we know the order has arrived safe at your place. You receive or not is not by luck, we track it!

Normally you will receive your order in about a week. Further delays are informed as soon as we are aware. 

You need not worrying about whether we delivered or if there is any issues during delivery, as said, this is our responsibility! One thing we just need you to do is to provide a CORRECT address. There are different formats in writing an address, though, we would recommend, whenever possible, to fill in your address when setting up your account or at checkout completing delivery information, as below:


Moreover, please put in your FIRST & LAST Name in the "Name" field. This is required by our delivery partner.

That helps us to avoid mistake in sending to wrong address. If there is any remark or anything you think we should know after you confirming your order, please feel free to send us an email at

We treat your every order the same importance, no matter big or small. We hope your purchases are without stress. Be positive, plant happy, develop a habit. SHOP.



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